you're right and i'm wrong oh babe i'm gonna miss you now that you're gone

My favorite guitar player of all time Johnny Thunders, died on this day in ‘91. Love this pic of him with fans on his last tour to Japan with The Oddballs. His music will be ringing in my ears til the day I die. #johnnythunders #heartbreakers #newyorkdolls

that’s not from his last tour, that’s from 1986
Anonymous: your favourite ice cream flavour?

well i’m vegan so i don’t really eat icecream unless i find some non-lactose one but i do like popsicles a lot and my favorite is probably cherry or strawberry

((thank you for this very random question, i hope you’ll have a fabulous day))

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Debbie Harry was a playboy bunny in the 1960s pre-Blondie.
hobbies: buying out all the vintage magazine stuff on jt before anyone else can because clearly i deserve it the most

Marilyn Monroe photographed by Richard Avedon, 1957
cant even be bothered to name the songs properly anymore

Chrysanthemums (detail), Claude Monet.

Diana Ross shopping in NYC, 1965

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remember when i used to run the best jt blog that ever existed


when life gets you down just watch american horror story season 2

because you will always be having a better day than lana winters

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Debbie Harry as King Tut, photographed by her Blondie bandmate and life partner Chris Stein, 1982

Anita and Keith